Trevor Noah translates the subtext of Clinton’s town hall responses

[comedycentral id=”a7afeb77-7cb3-4495-a3dc-31be282b1972″]

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah discussed Monday’s Democratic town hall on CNN. It’s less than a week before the Iowa caucus and the Democratic race between Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley is “neck and neck and…ankle?” So, the candidates took to the town hall stage to clarify some things for their audience, and since each person in a town hall is on stage by themselves, “it’s like a rap battle against no one.”

Sanders spoke about inequality, his tax plan, and how his basketball team won a championship when he was young. Trevor clarifies, “This is obviously before black people were allowed to play basketball, but still.” Then they brought O’Malley on “to give everyone a chance to go to the bathroom.” After that, was the headliner, Hillary, who had to deal with some little punk telling her that none of his friends like her. Clinton is used to being blasted, so she knows how to deal with the sort of things civilly, but “on the inside, she’s taking the earrings off.” Watch the video to see The Daily Show use subtitles to reveal the subtext of Clinton’s response.


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