Stephen Colbert conducts a town hall to discuss CNN’s Democratic town hall

stephen colbert town hall late show

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On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert held a town hall in the Ed Sullivan Theater to answer questions about the Democratic Town Hall on CNN Monday night. The CNN town hall turned out to be a rather nice affair as each candidate was given time on the stage alone to answer question from the audience, and the friendly folks of Iowa had mostly nice things to say to the Dems. The purpose of a town hall is to get the candidates out from behind their podium to humanize them, so Stephen says, “I would love to find some way to make myself seem human,” before taking questions from the audience and rolling up his sleeves to get down to the facts of the town hall.

One man in the audience, a Netflix subscriber from Duluth, asks, “Do you think Martin O’Malley was asked an unfair question last night at the town hall, and if so do you have any jokes that you’d like to tell us about it?” The question he’s referring to is when moderator Chris Cuomo asked O’Malley who his supporters should vote for when they can’t vote for him. Stephen responds, “Chris Cuomo, why not just ask Martin O’Malley, ‘After you die can I have your ten speed bike.'” Watch the video to see Stephen further humanized.

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