Seth Meyers moderates his own debate! (using edited debate footage)

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On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers conducted the first ever Late Night DemoPublican Presidential Debate. Using footage from the previous debates, artfully edited, Seth interacts with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and the rest. At one point he speaks to Martin O’Malley, saying, “There are lot of people watching tonight, tell us one thing the American people don’t know about you.” To which he responds, “My name is Martin O’Malley.” He moves on to Clinton, asking her what her secret is to looking so great. Her solution is, “drinking and bathing in lead contaminated water.”

At one point former President Ronal Reagan shows up after Marco Rubio says his name three times. Seth asks a basic question of Ted Cruz and gets and interesting response. “Senator Cruz what do you hope to gain by running for president?” he asks. Cruz answers, “Hundreds of millions of dollars.” But the saddest response comes from Jeb after Seth asks, “Governor Bush, is there anywhere you’re doing well in the polls?” Jeb responds, “An alternative universe.”

You can watch the first Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate moderated by Seth here.


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