Larry Wilmore plays Trump Bingo! and gets trolled

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On Monday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore continued to rail against the epic troll that is Donald Trump. The Republican frontrunner recently kicked a Sikh man out of his rally as supporters cheered and jeered against the fifth ethnic group Trump found to marginalize. This means Trump has completed a row in his Trump Hate Bingo Card, and Larry brings on Grace Parra to act like Vana White, revealing the completed hate card, which now includes women, “the blacks,” Muslims, Mexicans, and Sikhs.

But Trump doesn’t just surround himself with hateful supporters; he hires them. Trump’s campaign spokesperson Katrina Pearson tweeted a few years ago that “this corrupt country has a head Negro in charge,” which Larry points out is just another version of the term HNIC, or “Head Ni**er in Charge.” Larry gets what she’s trying to do. “Message received, you want to be an Oscar voter.”

Yet, Trump gets away with everything. He recently said he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters. “Could you imagine if the ‘head negro in charge’ would have made this joke when he was running for office?” Trump is pushing the boundaries of what he can get away with. Trump is a troll, say Larry, as a troll doll voiced by Rory Albanese drops in to say, “I don’t want to be president. I want to run beauty pageants and scout out forth wife candidates.”


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