Trevor Noah sees desperate times and desperate measures for Republican hopefuls

[comedycentral id=”41619116-035c-4569-bdfd-c5c22cfefcc1″]

A week before the Iowa caucus, Trevor Noah takes a look at the desperation of remaining Republican candidates like Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush. Trump has surged past Cruz ahead of the caucus, and apparently there is nothing he can do at this stage to hurt his chances. According to Trump, he could shoot a man in Manhattan and not lose support. “That’s the kind of confidence American voters are looking for,” says Trevor before revealing what a few of the less confident candidates are doing to gain support.

Carly Fiorina got in a bit of trouble last week when she “ambushed” a group of preschoolers and used them as props in her anti-abortion rally. Trevor wonders how she could get so desperate. “Even witches take kids to gingerbread houses. At least the kids are like, ‘I mean, yeah, she tried to eat me, but at least it didn’t get political.'” Fiorina talked about harvesting body parts while the children sat around her onstage, because “Carly Fiorina spends all her time preaching about protecting unborn children, but clearly born children are fair game.”

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush’s campaign is floundering, and a donor to his Right to Rise SuperPAC said you may as well have lit the $40 million in donations on fire. “At least then people would have gathered around him for the warmth of the fire,” says Trevor.


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