Stephen Colbert thinks Donald Trump has a Donald Trump problem

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On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert broke down the GOP’s Trump and Cruz problem. It is the last week of January and only a week away from the Iowa caucus, which means “It’s that special season when we pretend to know what a caucus is.” And yet, the GOP still has not rallied around any one candidate. Trump is leading in national polls, “So the GOP establishment is lining up behind him…to push him in front of a train.” Conservative publication The National Review released an entire issue against Trump with essays from esteemed Republicans. The attacks include that he is a narcissist, a tape worm invading a weakened GOP, the epitome of vulgarity, and the end to the Republican party. These are all from his own party, which causes Stephen to realize, “I might actually like Donald better than they do. He’s been on the show, he was good for ratings, and he left the entire theater smelling like Brute aftershave.”

The establishment doesn’t like the runner up, Ted Cruz, either. But the focus is on Trump, who has now come out to say that he could shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan and not lose a single supporter. Stephen is worried about him, though. “When I hear this man say ‘Nothing can stop me from winning, not even shooting people,’ I don’t hear an appeal to voters, I hear a cry for help. Let’s remember, here is a guy who ran for president probably to promote his reality show, or his mattress brand, or his line of premium ex-wives. And now it looks like he might actually win, and no matter what he says or does—criticizing women, attacking Mexicans, banning Muslims, saying John McCain is a loser for being a prisoner of war—none of it affects his popularity.”


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