SNL blasts the Oscars in this celebration of whiteness in film

snl oscars

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In this clip from the January 23 episode of Saturday Night Live, the sketch show parodies the Oscars by giving awards to all the white actors in movies about black men. The nominees for the Screen Guild Award for Best Actor include the white trainer in a film about a black boxer, obviously meant to represent Creed, which garnered a nod for Sylvester Stallone, but was shut out of all other categories. Another nominee is Dave, the librarian in the film about Thurgood Marshall who lets Marshall know the library closes in five minutes.

The situations only get worse from there as the Screen Guild Awards seem to recognize any white male who appeared in a film, even for only a few seconds. Meanwhile, the black actors who starred in these films have to sit next to their white co-stars as they receive their awards. A few of the films represented in this sketch are direct references to snubbed films like Beasts of No NationStraight Outta Compton, and Creed.  This was a great way of satirizing the Oscar nominations, which went to twenty white actors for the second year in a row and sparked the #OscarsStillSoWhite trending hashtag on Twitter.

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