Selena Gomez and Ronda Rousey woo ‘Bland Man’ in this ‘Bachelor’ parody

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On this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, host Ronda Rousey and musical guest Selena Gomez tried to woo Taran Killam’s “Bland Man” in a parody of ABC’s “The Bachelor.” The reality show about 25 women vying for the heart of one man has always been ripe for parody for the dullness and whiteness of its cast. Every woman in this sketch says the same thing when she butts in to talk to Bland Man—”Mmm, I like this”—representing the uniformity of the cast before things get weird. One woman has an extra large toe, one is quick to anger and quick to apologize, and as always, there is one crazy woman who the producers keep on for entertainment value, and, in this case, was once a member of a cult. Pointing out the lack of diversity in this cast of women, the one black woman acknowledges that she will be the next to go home, but because she has a sob story, she’s allowed to stay one more week. Rousey makes the mistake of asking if she can wear jeans, so she’ll probably be gone soon, too. The chosen candidate ends up being Selena Gomez, as herself, who appears at the end to admit, “I love being here for the 25th season of the show, because I was conceived during the 2nd season.”

Watch SNL send up the Oscars and Sarah Palin in clips from this weekend’s show.


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