Tina Fey returns as Sarah Palin on SNL!

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0pinZNYxQeo”%5D

Sarah Palin is back, so of course Tina Fey had to return to Saturday Night Live this weekend to give her the mocking of a lifetime. The parody was more extreme than usual, but so is Sarah Palin. Darrell Hammond, returning as Donald Trump, introduced her, and she came out to shout to the Iowa crowd as he commented from the side. “Thank you Iowa,” she says, “I wanted to take a break from my full-time career of writing things on Facebook … to lend my support to the next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.”

The impression is spot on, as always, but the absurdity of Fey’s usual portrayal seems even more fitting this time after Palin’s incoherent, unintelligible return to politics last week. Even Hammond’s Trump has to admit that “She’s two Corinthians short of a Bible” as he stands aside, making comments to the camera about how “It’s like her mouth starts driving before her brain gets in the car,” and “I hope nobody’s allergic to nuts, because we got a big one here” as Fey fires her fingers in the air and represents everything there is to fear about accepting Sarah Palin back into the political realm.


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