Colbert talks Trump’s pandering and new supporter, the ghost of John Wayne

john wayne donald trump late show

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On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert recapped he latest in the adventures of Donald J. Trump. Most recently, he pandered to the evangelical set while speaking at conservative Christian college Liberty University. He had a lot to say about the good book, The Art of the Deal, which is, of course, “a deep, deep second to the Bible! The Bible is the best…the Bible blows it away.” Stephen assumes Trump’s book list goes “The Bible, The Art of the Deal, and then, like, Fifty Shades of Grey.” Trump failed miserably to recite some verses to the crowd, and “the pander express did not stop there.” He was then interviewed, and asked whether he cries. Of course he does not! “Real men don’t cry, and Donald Trump is a real man. How do we know? Cause he just got endorsed by the manliest man who ever manned,” John Wayne. Or, John Wayne’s daughter, anyway, and also a wax figure of John Wayne. It’s a miracle. “With his newfound spirituality, Trump has reached with his golden hand through the veil of death and dragged back the endorsement of John Wayne.”

Check out what Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore had to say about Trump’s liberty speech.

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