Trevor Noah thinks Sarah Palin might be a malfunctioning robot

[comedycentral id=”6d04fb0d-bbc0-4071-91c3-6807bf56cd24″]

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah is surprised at how little he needs to know about politics in America. When he first got the job as host of The Daily Show, people told him it would be hard, because “you can’t be a part of the political process, and know nothing about it.” But as Trevor would soon discover, “it turns out a lot of the presidential candidates are in the same position as I am.” Donald Trump has shown that you can get far in politics without knowing anything about politics, but he is not the first to do so. He’s the second. Sarah Palin is the original, and still the master. She proved that by making an incoherent speech endorsing Trump earlier this week. Her words are not even human. “It’s almost as if she’s a malfunctioning robot,” or a “bag of scrabble tiles that grew a body and came to life.” That is probably because, “the only thing Sarah Palin hates more than Obama is punctuation.” As an African, Trevor is excited to see Palin’s speech, because now it is the Americans who can be portrayed as babbling in an incoherent language.

Watch Stephen Colbert welcome back Sarah Palin here.


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