Stephen Colbert is so excited about the return of Sarah Palin, he starts talking like her

stephen colbert sarah palin

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Sarah Palin is back, and on Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert was so excited, he started to talk like her. Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls, and it seems nothing will ever stop him, especially now that he has the female version of his political self on his side. Sarah Palin endorsed Trump in rousing and incoherent speech and Stephen could not be more excited about her return. “God, I’ve missed you. It’s like a magical eagle made a wish on a flag pin and it came to life.” Trump has supplied Colbert with endless monologue material since he announced his run last year, but “nobody compares to the original material girl.” Stephen remembers all her greatest hits, but he was waiting for an encore, and she did not disappoint. Palin’s speech was an unintelligible mess of American English as she spoke directly to Trump’s base. “Sarah Palin just guaranteed Trump the evangelical vote, because I think she was speaking in tongues.” Stephen was so excited about the speech, he wants to see Palin endorse every other candidate, so he tazes “the part of [his] brain that understands sentence structure” and does it for her, in her own garbled words.

Check out Trevor Noah’s take on the Palin speech here.

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