Larry Wilmore is ready to riot over Flint, Michigan water crisis

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On Wednesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore continued his investigation into the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Last week, Larry covered the developing story about lead in Flint’s water supply, and now the debate over the issue is heating up. Democratic politicians have condemned Flint officials, and called for the resignation of Governor Rick Snyder. Larry says just because he is the governor, doesn’t mean he is the one to blame. Cue the news report that he knew all along. Larry’s ready to pick up a pitch fork now! And he’s not the only one. Hillary and Bernie have both condemned Snyder, but Trump said, “I shouldn’t be commenting on Flint.” Larry can’t help but call him out on this. “Really? You recently wrote a tweet saying Samuel L. Jackson does too many commercials, but people being poisoned in Michigan isn’t worth your time to weigh in on?” Larry declares only an idiot would expect candidates not to comment. Cue Snyder saying political statements only distract from the water crisis.

To get an insider’s take on the crisis, Larry talks to Tsunami Don (Rory Albanese), the owner of Flint’s local water park. Watch the second clip to see what he thinks of the crisis.

Watch Trevor Noah’s take on the crisis here.

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