James Corden just lets Sarah Palin mock herself

sarah palin james corden

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On Wednesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden mocked Sarah Palin, who has returned to the public eye just two weeks before the Iowa caucuses. Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump in the most incoherent and unintelligible speech imaginable, and Corden says, “You just know that John McCain is on his couch at home watching the TV like, ‘Donald, dude, this is a bad idea.'” Palin’s speech was so weird, Corden decides “she sounds like a Dr. Seuss book if Dr. Seuss wanted to deport all of the Snitches and Woozles.” Palin isn’t the only political figure who’s having a rough time. Ted Cruz’s former roommate came forward on Twitter to talk about how horrible Cruz is. Watch the video to see what James has to say about it.

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