Trevor Noah studies the Bible according to Donald J. Trump

[comedycentral id=”f92a5889-1574-456b-b900-38b54ef56e0f”]

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah got to the heart of Donald Trump’s religion, and Jordan Klepper reported from the UK Trump debate. Earlier this week, Trump spoke at Liberty University, the Christian university that is a campaign trail right of passage for conservatives. “Let the pandering begin,” announces Trevor before showing a clip of Trump completely failing in Bible 101. “Two Corinthians 3:17. I mean, that’s the whole ballgame.” The verse mentions the word “liberty,” because apparently Trump thought, “if I find the word ‘liberty’ in the bible, then I’m golden.” Who does he think he’s kidding, at a Christian university? Trevor knows, “it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to try and pull that shit off in front of a bunch of bible students.”

[comedycentral id=”f5f1d94e-250e-484d-9334-fdf3104d6416″]

In other Trump news, the UK debated whether to ban Trump from entering the country after a petition was signed by 570,000 people demanding to keep him out. Parliament didn’t even vote on the petition, but they took the opportunity to insult Trump in every way, calling him a “buffoon” and a “fool.” Jordan Klepper has more in the second clip above.



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