Larry calls out Democrats for pandering to black voters in recent debate

larry wilmore debate nightly show

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On Monday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore called out the Democrats for pandering to black voters in their most recent debate. The moment everyone has been talking from the NBC debate from South Carolina was the epic side eye when Hillary accused Bernie of calling Obama weak. From Bernie, though, “that was either, ‘Did you really say that shit?’ or indigestion.” And at his age, probably both. But Larry has a more important issue to discuss than throwing shade. The debate was sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, and “if you’re speaking at an event sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, you’ve gotta let everybody know that you’re a friend of the blacks.” Bernie Sanders has been seen multiple times with activist and rapper Killer Mike, who Larry says is “not bad for a black friend.” Who does Hillary have? Cue clips of her talking about how much she supports Obama. After the debate, Chuck Todd said, “Hillary Clinton basically wrapped herself in President Obama,” which evokes an awkward image. As for Martin O’Malley, “what do you do if you don’t actually have a black friend?” Cue the clip of O’Malley saying he was born the year Dr. King gave his “I have a dream” speech. Hey, Dr. King is great and all, but let’s focus on this newborn white baby!

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