Stephen Colbert wants us all to take Bernie Sanders to prom

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Bernie Sanders said in a recent interview that he has never warn a tuxedo, so Stephen Colbert assumes he never went to prom and asks his audience to do something about it. Stephen begins the segment by talking about the recent debate between “Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and…I wanna say Morton O’Muttley? Milton O’Mangle, Munch Me Muffler?” This whole election, Democrats have been seemingly hiding these elections on the worst possible nights and networks. This one was on a Sunday night, during NFL Playoffs, Downton Abbey, and some show called Madame Detective. “Yes, last night America would rather have watched Madame Detective, a TV show that, for the record, does not exist.” Stephen sums up the debate pretty quickly to get to the real news: Bernie Sanders has never worn, nor owned, a tux.” Stephen is certain this means he never went to prom, and “this explains everything. I mean, Who’s more obsessed with inequality than an unpopular high school student?” Bernie was probably arguing that “90 percent of the dates in this school are going to the top 1 percent of the basketball team!” So Stephen wants you to Photoshop yourself into a prom picture with Bernie. Get the template picture at and Tweet it with the hashtag #BerniePromprosal.

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