“Nightly Show” talking heads struggle to debate two sides of KKK rebranding

[comedycentral id=”c4069f33-8381-4a48-bf69-7f9a74903be9″]

On Monday’s The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his taking heads, Rory Albanese and Mike Yard, struggled to mindlessly debate two side of the KKK rebranding. A so-called “reformed white supremacist,” who now runs an organization called the Rocky Mountain Knights that accepts people of all races as members, organized an MLK Day parade. Of course, it is nice that this guy has reformed, but “It’s still the KKK!” Larry brings on Albanese and Yard to mindlessly debate two side of the debate about a rebranded KKK, then switch and debate for the opposite side. Mike Yard begins by saying diversity at the KKK is “like selling salads at McDonald’s. That’s just not what they do,” while Rory argues, “this is the new KKK. It’s the OKKK.” Then they switch, “because remember, this is a mindless argument,” and Mike has a very hard time coming up with ways to defend the KKK, saying “Uh Ok. Every American institution started out as racist—schools, music, sports—so why are we just picking on the KKK?” to which Rory responds, “maybe because the Detroit tigers didn’t try to lynch black people!” Mike struggles to find better arguments, but once he does, maybe he goes a little too far. Watch the clip to see Mike Yard support the KKK!


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