Trevor Noah mocks two debates, then edits them together for added fun!

[comedycentral id=”d7857f7d-aef5-42f1-b513-086f822af113″]

Trevor Noah reviewed the latest debates from both the Republicans and Democrats, and wondered why we can’t join them together for extra fun. Both sides of the aisle held debates in South Carolina last week. The GOP debate was like a divorce: “long, messy, and by the end two people who had once affectionately stood by each other couldn’t stand each other.” Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were at each other’s throats all night. Cruz called out Trump’s socially liberal “New York values,” but Trevor knows why Cruz is really upset. “New York chewed up and spit out his Broadway dreams. Not all of us can be Elphaba, Ted.” Later on, Ben Carson was asked if Bill Clinton’s past was relevant in this election, and he responded by referencing internet comment sections and wondering where that spirit of hatred and division came from. Trevor says to look around, because “half your opponents in this race are just comment sections with a campaign staff.”

The Democratic debate got ugly as Bernie challenged Hillary on Wall Street connections, Hillary challenged Bernie on his healthcare plan, and “Martin O’Malley was challenged by the crossword book he brought with him to kill time while he waited for someone to ask him a question.” Bernie gave some epic side eye as Hillary criticized him, and Trevor calls on a joint debate between Dems and Republicans so he can see give side eye to Trump, Cruz, and the like. Watch the video to see The Daily Show do just that by editing together the two debates.


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