Trevor Noah asks Africa to aid America’s polluted cities

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On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah discussed the recent environmental concerns in California and Michigan. In Porter Ranch, California, a cloud of methane gas is bursting from the ground, spewing as much pollution as 7 million cars, which means for “all you LA people driving Priuses, your work has been undone!” 2,800 families have been forced from their homes, and the leak has become the single biggest polluter in California, which is saying a lot for a state that houses Hollywood, where everyone is “blowing smoke up each other’s ass,” says Trevor. But things could always be worse, “or as they say in Flint, Michigan, things could always be like this.” The city has declared a state of emergency as lead in the water supply has reached toxic levels after city officials changed the water supply from the pretreated water of Detroit to the Flint River water, which is 19 times more corrosive. “I have a very simple rule in life: if the water is browner than me, then I don’t drink it,” says Trevor, but Flint residents have been drinking the water for a year because city officials said it was fine to drink. As it turns out, using the pretreated water would have only cost the city $100 per day. Trevor has a plan to raise that money for the people of Flint. “I want to call out to all my people in Africa right now watching the Daily Show, because, my friends, for only $100 a day, we can save a village in America.”


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