Larry Wilmore gives Bernie opposers a lesson in American socialism

larry wilmore socialism

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Larry Wilmore updated us on the latest in the plot to “de-negro-fy” the White House on Thursday’s Nightly Show. This time, he focused on the Democrats, who will be “holding another one of their top secret debates this Sunday.” Currently, Clinton leads Sanders in Iowa by just two points, down from the nine point lead she held last month, before Sanders was on the Nightly Show. Larry says he was on the show and now he is blowing up; that is a “classic Wilmore spike.” Voters under the age of 24 prefer Bernie Sanders by 42 points, while non-millenials still believe his “socialism” is a problem because people equate it with communism. Larry knows it’s true, because “if you asked a random American on the way to the bank, where they’re going to deposit a social security check into a government-insured account, before hanging out in a public park and debating whether to go to the county library or the city zoo, and which federally-funded highway to take to either, or both, we’d still be like, ‘Socialism? Not a fan!'” How does Hillary Clinton feel about this surge from Bernie? Larry talks to her aide, Carlos Jordanson, to get a feel for her response. It isn’t pretty.


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