James Corden sums up the GOP race with Duck Dynasty, Apple Watches & Trump’s Anthem

james corden duck dynasty

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On Thursday’s Late Late Show, James Corden broke down the state of the Republican race ahead of the Iowa caucuses next month. And there was some huge news recently out of the GOP race as Ted Cruz received an endorsement “from America’s most respected political dynasty—the Duck Dynasty.” A new ad shows Ted Cruz hanging out and hunting with the Robertson clan, and James feels safe in saying, “I think you’ve now lost the duck vote.” In other candidate news, Jeb Bush has been using some cutting edge technology for his campaign, but he apparently hasn’t learned to use them yet as his Apple Watch started ringing during a press conference, and he did not know what to do. “His new campaign slogan should be ‘Jeb Bush, he’s just like your dad.'” Elsewhere on the campaign trail, Donald Trump has begun using little girls dressed in red, white, and blue, singing and dancing about the future President Trump to kick off his rallies. James says we don’t need to build a wall around Mexico anymore. “Just put them there” and immigrants will stay far away.

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