Stephen Colbert addresses the nation about SOTU and tries to get Paul Ryan’s attention

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On Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert addressed the nation about the president’s State of the Union address. Everyone in Washington showed up to the address. The only person who was not there was John Boehner, “who was at home watching a Property Brothers marathon.” Obama spoke for an hour and his words were confident and aspirational as he returned to the “theme of hope…ing you noticed he did stuff,” like help save the auto industry, lower gas prices, and kill Osama bin Laden, but “of course he didn’t close Gitmo, or convince Zayne to stay in One Direction,” so he did not come out ahead. Obama was very optimistic, essentially saying, “America was great and America is great, but the twist is, it will also be great!” As he focused on the future, he asserted that we could see a rising standard of living, and a sustainable, peaceful planet for our children, but only if we work together and “have constructive debates.” With that caveat, Stephen says “the future will be missed” and takes a “look back on what will never happen now.”

Paul Ryan was behind the president for the first time as the new Speaker of the House, so he was quoted as saying he had been practicing his poker face. And it worked, because the man did not smile or applaud for almost anything. “He didn’t even applaud for the troops! That’s like booing apple pie, or not crying during Field of Dreams!” Stephen tries everything to get him to crack. Watch the video to see what finally does it.

See Trevor Noah’s take on SOTU here.


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