Larry Wilmore gives it up for Obama’s hype man, Obama!

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On Wednesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore wondered why President Obama had to be his own hype man during the State of the Union address. In his final address to Congress, Obama recapped what he has done in his presidency so far. He claimed to have saved the auto industry and cut gas prices, then said if anyone doubts his commitment to fighting terror, just ask Osama bin Laden. “Why does Obama have to be his own hype man?” asks Larry, “Yo, yo man! This guy created tons of jobs! He saved the auto industry! He killed osama, alright?! So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s my booooy…Me!” But Larry already knows why Obama had to pump himself up: Republicans have spent his entire presidency telling America how bad he was. Obama got bold with his final speech though, saying they were going to shoot for the moon and cure cancer. And he’s putting Joe Biden in charge. “That was a dick move, Obama. It’s like it’s the last day before summer break and you’re giving curing cancer as a final assignment,” says Larry. Now when everyone is going out for drinks to celebrate this year and they ask Joe to come along, he’s going to have to say, “No, I gotta f—king cure cancer.”

See Colbert and Trevor discuss SOTU.


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