Trevor Noah worries as Obama starts talking years beyond his term in SOTU

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Trevor Noah discussed the State of the Union address on Wednesday’s Daily Show, but he’s a little worried about something the president said. Usually presidents lay out their plans for the coming year, but Obama began his speech by say he will talk about the next five years, ten years, and beyond. Trevor gets that he is trying to lay ground work for the future, but “in Africa when an outgoing president starts talking beyond his term, that’s the first sign he’s planning to cling on to power. For a split second I was like, ‘Is Obama’s African side taking over right now?'” We will not know until next year, but until then, Obama has some plans we can all get behind: like curing cancer! And he’s putting a surprised Joe Biden in charge, essentially saying, “America, we are gonna do the impossible and solve the greatest medical challenge of our time. And, uh, this guy’s gonna do it all. Good luck Joe!”

The greatest part of the speech for Trevor was what he calls the subtweeting, which is a Twitter term for when you talk about someone without mentioning them. In Obama’s case, he decried the idea that we could just “carpet bomb” ISIS, taking a swipe at Ted Cruz, who made that statement during a debate. He then said when the Russians beat us into space, we didn’t deny Sputnik was up there, referring to many Republicans who distrust climate change and science, in general. Basically, by subtweeting his attacks, Trevor says he had everyone looking at everyone else. Ben Carson was probably at home thinking, “Oh, Mike Huckabee, you just got burned!”

See Stephen Colbert’s take on SOTU here.


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