Trevor Noah gets to the bottom of the Bernie Sanders craze

[comedycentral id=”0996eb6e-3c21-4691-a3d8-4d20272039a7″]

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah tried to get to the bottom of the Bernie Sanders craze. Bernie has been surging in the polls lately, and the media is reporting that Hillary Clinton is really starting to be “worried about a surging Sanders.” Says Trevor, “Ah yes, a surging Sanders. Something tells me you don’t want to search that on Urban Dictionary.” To get to the bottom of the surge, Trevor goes back to tell The Legend of Bernie Sanders. He was born in Brooklyn, and “raised by his parents, a Che Guevara poster and a scratchy wool sweater.” He reached a turning point in his teens when he was “bit by a radioactive senior citizen.” He is now a democratic socialist, which means “he’ll let us vote for who runs the labor camps.” Bernie is known for policies like breaking up banks, allowing post offices to do basic banking services, and helping the middle class at the expense of the rich. But the biggest appeal, Trevor thinks, is that Bernie seems like the opposite of Trump. “Bernie is the yin to Trump’s racist yang.” Watch the clip to find out more.


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