Stephen Colbert helps Oregon militiamen find more supplies

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On Tuseday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert worried about the Oregon militiamen now that they are in their second week of occupation. The group of armed protesters took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge last weekend, and vowed to stay “until federal land is turned over to locals, or Walker, Texas Ranger is put back on the air, whichever comes first.” Unfortunately, they are beginning to run out of supplies after only a week, but they have reached out to supporters to send them supplies, “and they’ll try to forget the fact that it was delivered by a federal employee.” Ammon Bundy’s mother emailed a list to supporters, which includes things like shampoo and conditioner, because “it’s one thing to face off against the jackbooted thugs of a tyrannical government; it’s another to have to fight the frizzies.” Other list items include pillow cases, throw rugs, and bed sheets, because they must be opening a bed and breakfast. They also need French vanilla creamer, just like Patrick Henry, who famously cried, “Give me French vanilla or give me hazelnut! They’re both yummy!”

Watch the clip from last week when Stephen sang the song of the militiamen.


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