Larry Wilmore and Mike Yard take on Flint, Michigan’s poisoned water problem

[comedycentral id=”26976d49-c3a3-4a7f-aaf1-9f08ac7180d5″]

On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore got to the heart of the Flint, Michigan lead poisoning problem. The city issued a state of emergency last week after it was determined that there were toxic levels of lead in the water supply. “That’s right kids, for once in your lives Mountain Dew is healthier than water.” The lead poisoning is a result of an attempt to cut costs by changing the water supply from the pre-treated water from Detroit to the water from the Flint River. But as it turns out, water from the Flint River is 19 times more corrosive than that from Detroit. “I’ll tell you what your problem is. These lead pipes are ruining your filthy brown drinking water,” says Larry, after revealing that the water was bad enough before being passed through Flint’s lead pipes. The mayor of Flint tried to convince the people their water is as good as Detroit’s, and a representative of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality said “relax.” This should be easy, because “nothing helps you relax a little like lead poisoning brain damage.” Larry talks to Flint resident Thomas Williams (played by Mike Yard), who has a positive outlook on the situation. “Black man’s gonna get lead from either water or a police bullet. I prefer water.”


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