Trevor Noah reads from Sean Penn’s El Chapo erotic fart fiction

[comedycentral id=”51807143-7701-44e8-b906-531087d93c13″]

Trevor Noah is now standing for his monologue. He began after the New Year because he is used to doing standup, and he wanted to change up the style of the show and make it his own. Let’s hope it makes The Daily Show feel like an imitation of the Situation Room, instead of The Soup or Tosh.0.

On Monday’s show, Trevor did a short segment on the El Chapo arrest. The drug kingpin was captured over the weekend and returned to the same prison he escaped six months ago, which Trevor says doesn’t make any sense. “Do you think he learned his lesson?…This is an international kingpin, not a badly trained Maltese.” El Chapo is known for his creative escapes, like the time he escaped in a laundry basket, “because he, too, has seen movies,” and the time six months ago when he dug a tunnel out of the prison, “because Bugs Bunny.” The big news, though, was that actor Sean Penn met with El Chapo months ago and interviewed him for an article published in Rolling Stone magazine. For those who have not read Penn’s article, Trevor reads a few passages in which Penn talks about how he farted in the drug lord’s presence. “What’s crazy about this is not that Sean Penn turns this into an article about his own farts, but that he manages to make it sound like erotic fiction.” Watch the video to see Trevor read some of the more laughable quotes.


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