Stephen Colbert auditions for the lead role in ‘El Chapo’ movie

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Stephen Colbert aired his audition for the “El Chapo” biopic on Monday’s Late Show. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, “the man who built the world’s second most lucrative drug empire after Pfizer,” was arrested this weekend after being on the lam for six months following his escape from prison. He has been hiding in a jungle, and to find him “it took yet another unpredictable man who looks like he’s been hiding in a jungle: Sean Penn.” The actor met with “El Chapo” in his hideout in October, which ultimately led to the drug lord’s arrest, because “somehow authorities were able to track one of the world’s biggest celebrities. Note to Edward Snowden: Cancel your sit down with Nicolas cage.” “El Chapo” got in contact with Sean Penn after he began contacting producers and actors who he thought might create a movie based on his life. Stephen is excited for the prospect of an “El Chapo” movie, because he has the perfect actor to play the titular role: Stephen Colbert.


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