James Corden has plans for his Powerball winnings

james corden powerball

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James Corden was at work hosting the Late Late Show Monday night because he did not win the Powerball over the weekend. The jackpot will now climb to $1.4 billion ahead of the drawing Wednesday, which is “almost 3 days worth of groceries from Whole Foods.” James says that he would “absolutely change” if he won the Lottery. “I’d have a ferris wheel in my garden. I’d have a pet chimpanzee. I’d buy the Elephant Man’s bones…I’d be Michael Jackson.” James goes on to report that the odds of winning are 290 million to 1, which means “you’re about as likely to win the Powerball as you are to ever hear the words ‘President Jeb Bush.'” Watch the clip to see what others plan to do with their winnings.

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