Larry Wilmore rips into Sean Penn’s weird El Chapo article

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On Monday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore ripped into Sean Penn’s weird article on El Chapo. The drug kingpin was captured this weekend, and it was revealed that Sean Penn was responsible for El Chapo’s arrest after the actor met with the drug lord in his secret hideout. “Sean Penn and El Chapo had a sit down? Why would you cozy up to a monster like that? Seriously, El Chapo—Sean Penn?” But it turns out, Penn as a monster is nothing compared to Penn as a journalist. Larry reads a few excerpts from the article, in which Penn relates every detail of his piss and farts. “Reminds me of that time during the Vietnam war when Walter Cronkite spent the entire newscast going off on a tangent about his scrotum. ‘And that’s the way it was down there.'” Even Fox & Friends got in on the criticism, and “you know it’s bad when Fox & Friends is questioning your journalistic credibility.” In order to treat the situation like the tabloid fodder it apparently is, Larry talks to Grace Parra of “Nightly! Nightly!” to ask the real questions like, “Who is El Chapo dating?”


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