Stephen Colbert predicts the future of politics as America’s Grand Warlock

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On Monday’s Late Show, while discussing El Chapo and other news predicted by Mexico’s Grand Warlock, Stephen took on the role of Grand Warlock of America. Antonio Vasquez is the “Grand Warlock” of Mexico, which Stephen thinks is “a cabinet position.” The Warlock holds an annual press conference in which he uses tarot cards to predict the events of the year. His prediction this year was that El Chapo would be killed by authorities, and that Trump would not become the Republican nominee because he is “the devil himself.” Stephen believes “this tarot card reading must be true. Why else would a Mexican have something negative to say about Donald Trump?” But Stephen also think that a Mexican warlock can only say so much about American politics. We need an American warlock, and Stephen is only too happy to take on the role. So, he puts on the beard and breaks out the cards to predict, among other things, that “Chris Christie will leave politics and work in a bowling alley, where he can close lanes whenever he wants.” Watch the clip to see more predictions.


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