Trevor Noah breaks down the birther movement against Ted Cruz

[comedycentral id=”dfb53d1b-0bb9-4717-b40d-afc54f045cbe”]

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down the facts about the new birther movement against Ted Cruz. He begins the segment by stating, “America has the best politics in the world. It’s got everything: there’s drama, sex scandals, and there’s even comedy. Like remember that one time when Al Gore won the election but he wasn’t allowed to be president?” A new scandal has arisen out of the presidential race as Ted Cruz’s citizenship has been questioned by his opponents and the media. “I didn’t know this shit could happen to republicans too!” says Trevor, reminding us that Obama was subjected to the same scrutiny in 2008. “This is a weird new issue in the campaign, and like all the campaign’s weird issues, it traces back to patient zero”—Trump. The Donald has been outspoken about the issue, as he is with all issues, but he hasn’t actually questioned Cruz’s citizenship. Instead, he has undercut Cruz by simply pointing out that everyone else has been talking about it. Trevor tries to get to the bottom of the issue by talking to the original source of the “natural born citizen” law: the founding fathers. Watch the video to see Thomas Jefferson’s response.


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