Stephen Colbert pays tribute to fallen candidates in the latest Hungry for Power Games

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On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert paid tribute to the most recently lost candidates in the latest installment of the Hungry for Power Games. Donald Trump is currently unstoppable. He’s up 21 points, and it seems clear “the American people want their next president to be a fire-haired, red-faced embodiment of pure rage. And anger from Inside/Out isn’t running.” The other candidates will do anything to get ahead, but things are starting to get ugly. So ugly the race is beginning to look like the Hunger Games, so Stephen breaks out the blue wig and champagne to pay tribute to the lost, saying, “sadly, citizens, only one person can be president. Even more sadly, it will be one of these people.” Over the holidays, George Patacki and Lindsey Graham dropped out of the race. Unfortunately, “they were both brought low by a shameful chapter in their past: government experience.” Watch the video to see the moving tribute to the fallen candidates.


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