Trevor Noah rips into critics of Obama’s tearful speech on gun violence

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On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah ripped into Fox News correspondents over their response to President Obama’s gun control speech. “In our main story we talk about something we never get to talk about: guns,” he says, ironically, as he once again addressed the issue of gun violence in America, which caused the deaths of 33,599 people in 2014. Despite polls showing that 89 percent of Americans support universal background checks, there hasn’t been much progress. But Trevor says, “in fairness to American legislators, it’s because they’ve been really busy loosening gun laws,” and it’s hard to do two things at once.

Trevor blasts all the people who “knew Obama’s gun control plans before they even heard them,” like GOP candidates who condemned Obama’s plans before he even announced them. As it turns out, the actual plans weren’t that much more strict than the previous ones, but were more about clarifying and enforcing the gun laws that already exist.

The part of Obama’s speech that has actually been most criticized was the fact that he cried when talking about the first graders at Sandy Hook. Trevor shows clips of Fox News pundits denying that Obama’s tears were real, with one woman even saying that there was probably an onion on his podium to elicit the tears. “Are you f**king kidding me?!” shouts Trevor. “Shedding tears when you think of murdered children is not really believable?! You know what, there is something here that’s not really believable—the fact that the rest of us have to share the title of human being with you.”

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