Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at the Oregon standoff, and things are getting weird

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On Wednesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a closer look at the militia standoff in Oregon. The standoff began Saturday when an armed group broke off from a peaceful protest in support of the Hammond brothers, who were sent back to jail after serving time for arson on federal lands. They were convicted, jailed, released, then told to go back to jail to complete the mandatory minimum sentence. Seth says there’s a lot to be said about mandatory minimums here, but there’s also a lot more going on than just the arrest of the Hammonds. Things are getting weird for the militia after a few days in the wild. During an MSNBC, a reporter stands in front of a blue tarp that’s covering a man in a rocking chair with a rifle. “That sounds like a game of Militia Clue,” says Seth. It is becoming clear that the militia did not come up with a plan before making their stand. Many of them are not even from Oregon, so Ammon Bundy tried to get locals involved. “What was his strategy? To go knocking on doors, ‘Hey there, would you be interested in living in the woods with some heavily armed strangers?'” Good news for anyone who does want to join—they say there is plenty of parking.


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