Larry Wilmore blasts skeptics of Obama’s tears for Sandy Hook children

[comedycentral id=”dd16d340-648b-47c7-8399-8775e48fa6ad”]

On Wednesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore blasted critics of Obama’s tearful speech on gun control. Larry gives some perspective on guns in America by stating that it has not even been a week since New Year’s, but there have already been 170 deaths from gun violence this year. President Obama laid out an executive action to curb that number in any way he can. His plan would execute four main actions. Force anyone in the business of selling firearms to get a license; ensure smart and effective enforcement of gun laws; do more for those suffering mental illness; and boost gun safety technology. This does little more than clarifying and enforcing the laws already in place, but Obama still has to sell it to a skeptical crowd. He does so by point out that we value privacy but understand we have to go through airport security. “TSA?” responds Larry. “Mr. President, if you’re trying to sell this plan, comparing it to something everybody hates is not the way to go.”

The hardest thing for him to sell was apparently his emotion during the speech about Sandy Hook. According to some Fox News correspondents, his tears were most certainly fake and insincere. “The guy cries about dead children and you’ve got notes?!” says an incredulous Larry. “Has mourning dead children really become a partisan issue?” Some Fox News pundits criticized him for not crying enough, like for San Bernardino or Paris. Larry realized Obama just can’t win. “If Obama cried over everything, Fox News wouldn’t even call itself Fox News anymore. They’d call it ‘Obama Is A Weeping Queer Channel.'”


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