James Corden won’t be renting his home on Airbnb anytime soon

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/XtqcR2cNOOI”%5D

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden discussed the perils of the room-sharing site Airbnb. Over New Year’s, Oakland homeowners rented their home to what they thought was a middle aged man, only to find out that it was an 18-year-old, who used the home to throw a rager for his birthday. Corden saw it coming, saying who would have though renting out your home “on the biggest party night of the year to a total stranger would have ended badly?” He has a new slogan for the company that lead to the exchange. “Airbnb: you sure about this?” In New York, a college student used Airbnb to rent out his dorm room, which comes with certain amenities. “Instead of room service, the guy across the hall will give you half his Hot Pocket if you agree to listen to him play ‘Crash’ by Dave Matthews on his guitar.”


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