Larry Wilmore stands off with an Oregon militiaman

[comedycentral id=”d0ecb893-f925-4642-bac6-ad877bd04ab9″]

On Monday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore squared off with an Oregon militiaman over the takeover of government land. Wilmore began the segment by discussing the Tamir Rice case. The officers who shot Tamir were cleared of charges because Tamir had a fake gun that could have been real. The argument that authorities are trained to react when someone is taunting them with a weapon seems to be valid, “unless those people don’t ‘fit the description.'” He’s talking of the armed white men in Oregon who took over a government building. One of the men declared they would “kill or be killed” before they would return the land, but authorities have not yet done anything at all about the threat. To get to the heart of the militia’s thinking, Larry talks to one of their own, Trig Stack (Rory Albanese), who rails against government overreach, asking, “What’s next with these government people, huh? They’re gonna start telling us how fast we can drive? How much lead we can put in our baby food? Come on! Where does it end?”

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