Larry Wilmore celebrates the Bill Cosby arrest

[comedycentral id=”3489a22b-2fe9-491d-9fc5-43ab45fd245a”]

Larry Wilmore returned from the holiday break a little disappointed, until he found one last present from the comedy gods: Bill Cosby’s mug shot. Cosby was charged with sexual assault by seven of the 50 women who have come forward over the last year to accuse him of drugging and assaulting them. Larry’s director Dre is so excited about the arrest, he says it calls for a balloon drop, but because Cosby has already been released on bail, the balloon drop will have to be small for now. Larry wants to think “the case is like a slam dunk, right?… He is going to get convicted, right?” But there is no physical evidence, because many of the women came forward too late for evidence to be collected. Larry says, “I know we brothers tend to rail against a rush to judgment, but if you could rush to judgment on this particular case, I can talk to the brothers and make sure nobody gets all riled up.”


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