Trevor Noah breaks down yet another Republican debate

[comedycentral id=”4c138545-b18e-4ce7-b699-750861aa7d3a”]

Trevor Noah broke down the most recent Republican presidential debate on Wednesday’s Daily Show. The debate on CNN took place in Las Vegas Tuesday night, and as soon as the candidates walked out, “one thing became immediately clear—there are still way too many candidates,” Trevor says. “The GOP crams more people on stage than Earth, Wind & Fire.” Ben Carson kicked things off with a bang by asking for a moment of silence for the victims of the San Bernardino shooting. “Nicely played, disguising nap time as a moment of silence.” The main focus of the night, though, was war and terror, and apparently we’ll be fighting it on all fronts: there was mention of China, ISIS, the internet, and Russia. Trump wants to keep ISIS off the internet, but “what are we going to do? Change the wifi password?” Ted Cruz has a simple strategy to stop ISIS—target only the bad guys, which includes carpet bombing only the parts of the city in which ISIS has control. “Oh I see, you avoid the civilians with targeted carpet bombing. Genius!…Sorry, just one last question: Are carpets different in America?” Watch the video for more enlightening analysis.


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