Seth Meyers wraps up the anticlimactic debate showdown between Republican frontrunners

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On Wednesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers wrapped up what turned out to be an anticlimactic Republican presidential debate on CNN. Leading up to the debate, pundits promised a high noon standoff between frontrunner Donald Trump and the fast approaching Ted Cruz. Trump had called Cruz a maniac just days ago, so the scene was set for a showdown. “Let’s see what happens,” says an eager Seth before showing clips of Trump complimenting Cruz on his “wonderful temperament.” So, that was a let down. Trump even had nice words to say about Ben Carson. Seth began to wonder if anyone would dare to take on Trump, then a challenger arose. Jeb! fired quite a few shots at Trump, but with every insult, Trump hit right back. “Watching Jeb try to take on Donald at debates is like watching YouTube videos of 15 second MMA fights.” But the real loser must have been ISIS, because almost every candidate had the same simple strategy to defeat them: “Destroy ISIS.” Seth says, “I bet things were really tense at ISIS headquarters last night, ‘Slow down, what did he say the plan was? They win and we lose? Oh man, oh man, this is bad.'” Watch the video to see more of Seth’s wrap-up.


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