‘The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper tries to get to the bottom of the Trump craze

[comedycentral id=”c06686cc-ec1b-45b8-b776-e68b8cc0b74f”]

Jordan Klepper held a focus group with fans of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to find out why they support him. Before turning the segment over to Klepper, Trevor Noah can only say one thing about Trump fans: “Why the hell?!” Klepper seeks to get the answer from his seven focus group members, but they have a hard time answering that themselves. The consensus is that Trump isn’t a politician and he has no filter, but apart from that, they’re solution is to regurgitate everything Trump says, despite its implications. One woman insists a vast majority of Mexicans are rapists. Klepper says, “I think a vast majority of your statistics are bullshit.” He then plays a game called, “Who said it—Donald Trump or a racist sandwich?” before finding out just how far Trump could go before they would stop supporting him. The answer is telling.


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