Larry Wilmore tells tales that could only happen in ‘Murica!

[comedycentral id=”eedfcbe3-4dfc-44cb-a57c-c85b0c655eb1″]

On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore did a segment called ‘Murica! in which he told stories that “really tell us who we are as a people.” The first was about a woman who opened fire on two men who were reportedly shoplifting at a Home Depot. “Why didn’t she write down the license or call 911?” asks Larry. “Cause this is ‘Murica!” And if you “see something, shoot something.” Another story about guns comes out of California where members of a church have begun buying guns and taking shooting lessons together, because, as Larry puts it, “You know it’s a good day when Jesus doesn’t have to use his AK.” The call to arms is a result of recent mass shootings and church leaders who believe that the church will be one of the first places to be attacked. But Larry asks, “What do churches need guns for? I’ve seen preachers knocking people over with just the power of the Holy Ghost.”

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