‘The Daily Show’ correspondents fight over the War on Zombie Christmas

[comedycentral id=”97170bd9-492c-443b-82e7-6bc687405356″]

Things get out of hand when The Daily Show correspondents react to the War on Christmas, among other things. An Ohio homeowner has been fighting city hall this year after neighbors complained about his nativity scene, because it featured zombies. Trevor brings Jessica Williams, Jordan Klepper, and Roy Wood Jr. on to talk about it, but they each take a different stance. Williams says, “There is no war on Christmas. There’s a bigger issue here—it’s zombie rights.” Klepper plays his usual Libertarian character, who now argues that the PC police have made it illegal to celebrate Christmas. Wood Jr. is an activist insisting, “The real thing ruining Christmas is the Chicago police. They’re releasing a police brutality video every day. I can’t even keep up. I’m gonna just wait for the whole season to come out and then binge it.” Watch the video to see them argue about whether or not “Dead Lives Matter.”


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