Jon Stewart takes over Stephen’s monologue dressed as Trump to raise awareness for 9/11 first responders

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Jon Stewart took over Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Thursday’s Late Show, and Stephen dressed him as Trump to help get his point across. Stephen starts his monologue as usual, making fun of recent footage of Trump being attacked by a bald eagle. “Donald is getting out of there faster than a Muslim tenant in Trump tower,” Stephen says, but he is about to get serious about endangered species when he is interrupted by applause from the audience. Jon Stewart walks on to ask Stephen if he can address Congress about the Zadroga Act that would give health care funding to 9/11 first responders, but as soon as he starts talking, Stephen shouts “booooooring” and stops him, saying, “That’s got no zazz!” Stephen advises Jon that the only way to get attention these days is to “Trump it up a little bit.” Watch the video to see Stephen cover Jon in a wig and orange Cheetos powder to help him raise awareness.


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