‘The Daily Show’s Adam Lowitt mocks GOP candidates for pandering to Jewish Coalition

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On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Adam Lowitt discussed the recent Republican pandering to the Jewish Coalition. Many of the presidential candidates spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition last week and almost all of them used stereotypes to gain support. Senior Jewish correspondent Adam Lowitt, a new contributor who has served as Executive Producer for the show, came on to first say, “Finally! After all these years, a Jew on The Daily Show.” Apparently, he’s never seen it before, but he’s quick to get comfortable and roll clips of the GOP folly. Jim Gilmore addresses the crowd by saying he watched Schindler’s List last night. John Kasich said his mother told him the best friends are Jewish. Ben Carson can’t pronounce Hamas. And Donald Trump says Obama is the worst thing to happen to Israel. “The worst. Yes, I cannot thing of a single worse things that has ever happened to Israel. It’s just been 65 years of tranquility over there.”

Watch Larry Wilmore’s similar segment here.

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