‘The Daily Show’ discovers extremist ideologue Donald Trump is actually White ISIS

[comedycentral id=”c41cd6ab-76f1-4022-9ddc-cf5b9f699679″]

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah examined Donald Trump’s recent call for a ban on all Muslims entering the country. “Like a Pokémon, Donald Trump has evolved into an even more gruesome form of himself,” says Trevor, before taking a second to think about the fact that the Republican frontrunner wants to ban every single person from the world’s second largest religion from coming to America—”every doctor, every scientist, and even Zayn Malik.” Trevor wonders how they would even accomplish this beyond asking people if they are Muslim and expecting them to confirm. Perhaps a test of whether they can name Santa’s reindeer? “I feel this because I both travel a lot and exhibit all the tell tale signs of a potential Muslim. One: my skin is brown…Yeah, that’ll do it.”

[comedycentral id=”18ab4e8e-c9aa-43e9-ba6d-30b766bfa861″]

For more reaction to the news, Trevor brings on Hasan Minhaj to talk about Trump’s controversial statements. Surprisingly, Minhaj agrees with Trump that Muslims should not be allowed in the country. “You also believe that Muslims are a danger?” asks Trevor. “No, I mean that Muslims are in danger,” responds Minhaj. “One-third of a major a political party in America back a racist maniac. This place is scary right now.” After discussing the implications, Minhaj gets to the real reason for the controversy. “Donald Trump is an extremist leader who came out of nowhere. He’s self-financed, recruits through social media, attracts his followers with a radical ideology to take over the world, and is actively trying to promote a war between Islam and the west.” Trevor realizes, “Oh my God…He’s White ISIS.”


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