Larry Wilmore calls out Republican candidates for using stereotypes to pander to Jewish Coalition

[comedycentral id=”1aeef311-9117-4500-9e19-41185e771cb7″]

On Monday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore called out Republican candidates for their stereotypical words to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Last week, Trump, Carson, and many of the other Republican presidential candidates gave speeches to the coalition in Washington, and the resulting clips reveal a night of intense pandering and stereotyping. Lindsey Graham almost fell off the stage, and Larry says his pratfall was just a visual metaphor for the night of slip-ups that lay ahead.”

Ben Carson repeatedly mispronounced Hamas as hummus. Trump tried to use reverse psychology by telling the coalition, “You’re not going to support me, even though you know I’m the best thing that could happen to Israel.” Larry assumes this is because Trump believes himself to be “like Moses, only less of a loser. 40 years to get out of the desert? Come on, I would have done it in a week and left a luxurious wall.” Trump then said he’s never been in a room with so many people that could negotiate, and John Kasich told the coalition that his mother told him Jewish people make the most loyal friends. In the video below, Larry brings on his loyal Jewish friend Rory Albanese to confirm.

[comedycentral id=”06c526db-9c81-4c5d-877b-5a81b9ef1c38″]


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